What We Do

Our Mission

Our Mission 

To uphold the art and practice of the traditional Bangsawan, or the Malay Opera.

To practice Bangsawan with the self, family and community in mind.

To nurture the young to assimilate them into the Malay language and culture.

To be aware and be open to emerging and experimental theatrical trends.


Our Bangsawan Elements

• Harnessing the use of Bangsawan Language (Bahasa)

• Instilling a strong sense of Bangsawan Acting Etiquettes (Adab)

• Developing strong Vocal Tone for Theatre Delivery (Nada)

• Developing a Unique Rhythmic Bangsawan Delivery (Lenggok)

• Instilling confidence in executing Bangsawan Movements (Gerak)

• Sharpening the practitioner’s Senses for Collaboration during Performances (Deria)


• Bangsawan Acting (Lakonan)

• Traditional Singing (Nyanyian)

• Malay Dance Performing (Tarian)

• Martial Arts Diplaying (Silat)

In pursuing our Vision to be the World’s Leading Bangsawan Performing and Bangsawan Education Troupe, Anggerik Temasek Bangsawan has identified 3 Strategic Opportunities to develop our capabilities in. They are:

Performing is our core mission – it is in our performances that we seek to elevate the beauty of the Malay language, intricate culture and refined customary practises through epic stories told in lavish, grand style. Bangsawan Theatrics puts all our performance-based works into one opportunity category.

The Bangsawan Academy is our training and development arm for aspiring Bangsawan practitioners, the general public who are interested to know a little more about the Bangsawan artform, and also students in discovering the richness and the beauty of the Malay language and culture through the Bangsawan artform.

In ensuring that the Bangsawan literature continues to stay relevant, our third opportunity seeks to discover, nurture and mentor young, aspiring writers, seasoned storytellers and academics to contribute to Bangsawan writings. With the primary focus on writing and curation for and of the artform, Bangsawan veterans and academics will be engaged to share their expertise with budding Bangsawan writers.


Anggerik Temasek Bangsawan (ATB), formerly known as Sri Anggerik Bangsawan (SAB), was founded by the late Haji Hamid Ahmad in 1986. Pak Hamid, as we affectionately know him, was the prolific legend whose passion for Bangsawan was unsurpassed, and he lived his life producing and writing Bangsawan plays still remembered by many till now. Since his passing in 2013, SAB was renamed Anggerik Temasek Bangsawan (ATB) in 2019 and registered as a company in Singapore. Known to be the only registered Malay Opera troupe in the island nation, much of ATB’s work is focused on the practice of traditional Bangsawan theatrics and the education of the traditional artform to the community, particularly the young through education and outreach.

 bangsawan genres 

Since its Sri Anggerik Bangsawan days, it has been known that our troupe practices the purist, traditional Bangsawan genre – one that features and upholds all the 6 Bangsawan Elements featured earlier in this section. Moving with the times, ATB is open to working with other performing arts groups practising different genres of Bangsawan performances that includes Comedy Bangsawan, Musical Bangsawan, or Experimental Bangsawan. Through collaboration, we believe the revival of this dying artform will ensure its longevity and relevance to our community.