Developed in parallel with our other capabilities, our Bangsawan Literary arm focuses on the development of Bangsawan literatures – scripts, publications and collaterals – to curate available Bangsawan literary content for the community. A prime focus of this capability is in strengthening our Bangsawan Scripwriting initiative. As it is becoming challenging for performing groups to access Bangsawan scripts written by local & regional Bangsawan writers, a movement to curate these scripts through our Script Curation team is underway to make classic Bangsawan stories accessible to Bangsawan practitioners. Scriptwriting workshops are also being planned to pave way for new and young writers to find the opportunity to develop new stories for the fraternity.

Contact us if you are interested to join this movement, or know anyone who can help us spearhead it further!

Our long term goal is to also curate a series of Bangsawan Publications to document the artform in an illustrous manner as the artform is known on stage. Content as shared during our workshops and outreach sessions will be curated into collections of the History of Bangsawan – a rich collection of texts and images that tell the story of the Bangsawan journey as it landed on our shores. Personal anecdotes and illustrations of living Bangsawan veterans and legends will be journaled and told in engaging fashions that interest not just Bangsawan enthusiasts, but youth readers as well. Other opportunities in Bangsawan publications include documenting the techniques of Bangsawan acting – like the essential Lenggok technique for dialogue delivery in Bangsawan – curated from practical know-hows of Bangsawan performers and academics a like.

Contact us if you would like to share your Bangsawan writings or journals for possible collaboration to rejuvenate this artform!