Our Community Programmes focus on bringing the people closer to the Bangsawan artform through means other than our performances. Specialised Bangsawan-related engagement topics have been designed to pique the interest of various target segments through workshops and forums. Skills-developing workshops like the Bangsawan Lenggok Workshops have been designed to introduce keen learners to what makes Bangsawan special – its unique style of delivery. Carefully-designed modules have been crafted for the community to learn more about the 6 Elements of Bangsawan through online and face-to-face engagements. We are also organising Bangsawan Forums for the community to speak to thought-leaders and veteran practitioners of the Bangsawan artform. 

Structured curriculums have also been curated to engage students in primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and IHLs (Institute of Higher Learnings) through our School Programmes. While the focus leans more towards the literary component of the artform, our school programmes are holistically-packaged programmes to enable students to get the most in a single interactive and participatory session. Topics like the History of Bangsawan, Elements of Bangsawan and the artistic production of a Bangsawan performance are covered in our school programmes. Modular programmes which lead to  pratitioner certifications are also available for institutions who have a stronger lean towards the arts.